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Principal Investigator


Professor and Interim Director 
Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences
B.S., University of Washington, 1987
Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University, 1992
Dr. Stivers attended the Berklee School of Music as a composition major and worked as a Staff Arranger/Composer/guitarist for the Air Force Band of the Pacific Northwest until returning to school to get a degree in Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Washington. His graduate and postdoctoral training were in the general areas of biological physical organic chemistry, mechanistic enzymology and heteronuclear NMR spectroscopy of biomolecules.  For the last 20 years, he used these tools to elucidate how the chemical and dynamic aspects of damaged DNA bases facilitated their recognition and repair by nuclear enzymes. In the last ten years his research has taken a new direction that focusses on the role of the simple nucleotide dUTP in innate immunity against viruses, carcinogenesis, and cancer therapy regimes. This work has moved his lab into exciting areas of HIV biology, inflammatory mechanisms and cancer therapeutics.

Graduate Students

Gaddiel Rodriguez


Program in Molecular Biophysics
NIH Diversity Research Awardee

"Functions of the Disordered Amino Terminal Tail of Human Uracil DNA Glycosylase"

Postdoctoral Fellows

Alex Esadze

"Targeting Base Excision Repair for Treatment of HIV-induced Cardiovascular Inflammation"
Mesfin Meshesha

"Genetic Diversification of HIV-1 Arising from
Error Prone Transcription in Macrophages"
Sushil Sahu

"DIscovery of Anti-HIV Therapeutic Targets in the Uracil Base Excision Repair Pathway"
 ​​​​​Anthony Gizzi 

"Transcriptional Effects of Uracil in DNA
and Disease"
 ​​​​ Natale Churgulia, M.D. 

"DNA Repair in Non-Dividing
Myeloid Immune Cells"
Junru Cui

"Transcriptional Effects of Uracilated Promoters in HIV Gene Expression "

Lab Alumni

Graduate Students

Postdoctoral Fellows

Kyle Seamon

Erik Hansen
Scientist - Effector Engineering and Structural Sciences
Omega Therapeutics 

Shannen Cravens
Assistant Prof. 
Gonzaga University

Breeana Anderson
Research Staff Member
The Institute for Defense Analysis

Joseph Schonhoft
Translational Research Scientist
Epic Sciences

Amy Weil
Medical writer

Helen Jun

Jared Parker
Research Scientist
Siemans Healthcare Diagnostics

Josh Friedman
Data Scientist

Shaun Abrams
UCSD Dental School (DDS/PhD)

Tyson Bowen
Molecular Biologist

Rishi Porecha
Global Product Manager

Hyeongnam Kim
Business Manager
Han Wha Pharma Co. Ltd.

Lauren Seiple
Project Leader
Siemans Healthcare Diagnostics

Yu Lin Jiang
Chemistry Lecturer
Georgia State University

Daniel Krosky
Group Leader
 Janssen Pharmaceuticals
(Oncology and Diabetes)
Meng (Chloe) Rowland
Food and Drug Administration

Yu Ye
Study Director
Bayer CropScience

Mary Stahley
Developmental Scientist
Alexion Pharmaceuticals

Rahul Kohli
Asst. Professor
Division of Infectious Disease,
Departments of Medicine and Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine 

Chunyang Cao
Assoc. Professor
Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry

Suhman Chung
Research Scientist
National Cancer Institute

Alex Drohat
Assoc. Professor
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Xin Jiang
Postdoctoral Fellow
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Keehwan Kwon
Proteomics Group Leader
J. Craig Venter Institute
Marshall Werner
Professor of Chemistry
Lake Superior State Univeristy
Rajesh Nagarajan
Asst. Professor of Chemistry
Boise State University

Brian Weiser
Asst. Prof. 
Rowan University